The Arkansas Ozarks is the place for you to relocate, retire and/or raise a family. After spending few years in other areas of the country my wife and I decided to slow down and enjoy life a bit more. When I brought her to Arkansas there was no question where we would prefer to live, work and raise a family. I feel you too will find the same. Being from this area it is easy to take it all for granted.

Be prepared to slow down and enjoy life a bit. You will find the folks of the area to be the greatest asset with their easy going laid back lifestyle. When you settle in you will not be a stranger for long. Here in "Heart of the Ozarks" a neighbor is still a neighbor. You can still visit the park on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy yourself, Your kids can still walk to school or ride their bikes down the street. Our crime rate is way below the national average. You will find that the services that are offered are comparable to anything that you will find in any major city. We have shopping of all sorts from malls to family owned markets. Our hospitals are rated some of the best in the country. Within a 30 mile radius we have specialist that are found nowhere else in the country. Our emergency services are second to none. We have local schools that are rated as some of the highest in the state.

We have operated our own business, raised a family of 7, worked and played in the Ozarks for many years we have found a home here in the Arkansas Ozarks. We believe, and think you will agree there is no other place in the world than the Arkansas Ozarks.

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